Couples Therapy

There is little that is more painful than sharing your life with someone with whom you have lost a connection.  You may feel that whenever you attempt to talk about important issues, you end up arguing. If the pain between you two has gone on for some time, and you are feeling alone in the relationship, you might have stopped trying to reconnect.  But this doesn’t mean that the desire to reach your partner has stopped. It may be that you are reading this now because you still hope that you and your partner can create a fulfilling and lasting relationship.

I am deeply committed to helping couples strengthen their bond and turn their relationship into a haven of growth, creativity and intimacy. Couples therapy can foster this process by providing a nurturing space in which relationship challenges are turned into opportunities for intimate conversations. By taking an active and collaborative role in the therapy, I work to create an empathic, non-judgmental setting where you and your partner will feel increasingly able to lower your defenses, allowing for the exploration of the roots of arguments and feelings of disconnection, in order to gain greater understanding and compassion for yourself and your loved one.

These are some of the issues for which couples come to me seeking help:

  • Communication skills
  • Trust issues
  • Intimacy
  • Cross-cultural issues
  • Parenting
  • Contemplating separation or divorce
  • Healing from trauma/history of abuse
  • Coping with psychological and physical illness
Call me with any questions you have about beginning therapy.

Emily Margalit, MFT – Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling, and Couples Therapy provided by a Licensed Couples Counselor, Marriage Counselor, and Couples Therapist in Walnut Creek, Lafayette, and Danville, CA, California